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Registration Information

New this year:

  1. Save with the Complete Package vs. Individual Events and Items:
    There are two different forms this year. The Reunion 2003 Committee encourages everyone to attend the full reunion by offering a complete 4-day package at reduced costs compared to registering for the individual activities. So there is one form for those who want to register for the entire reunion package and one for those who want to order only certain events or sale items. The second form can also be used in addition to the package form to purchase extra T-shirts or family group photos.
  2. Save by registering by April 1st:
    You can save by registering early for the package or individual activities. Save the most by registering by April 1st. Completed Registration Forms and full payment must be enclosed in an envelope and postmarked by April 1, 2003, for the greatest savings compared to registering for individual items. Postmarks after April 1, 2003 but before June 1, 2003 still save, but have a smaller discount.

Package Reservations Form:
Each package registration includes general registration fee, Thursday's Bus Tour and Buffet Lunch, Friday's Dinner Party, Saturday's Banquet and entertainment, a Family Reunion T-Shirt and all Reunion activities. See complete agenda by clicking on the "Agenda" button at left. Family group photo (8x10) can also be included for an additional discounted cost. The package saves you money compared to registering for the activities and ordering the T-Shirts and photo separately. Register early to save even more money, by April 1, 2003. Open the form to print it.

Reservations Form for Individual Events and Items:
Not able to attend the whole reunion? Want to order extra photos or Reunion T-Shirts? Use this form to register for the individual events and to order photos and shirts. Save by registering by April 1, 2003. Open the form to print it.

No printer or need assistance with the form?
If you are unable to print the Registration Form or need assistance filling it out, use the form found in the PDA Newsletter, or contact our host, Richard Kajma. He can help or mail you a form. His phone number is 801-281-8661 and his email is lorelly@peoplepc.com.



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