Travel Planning
Subject to change

Airport recommendations and transportation guidance
Please contact us before you purchase your airline tickets so we can review the itinerary with you. 

Your best airport options are determined by the tour(s) you select.  The following information is quite detailed, and provided only as a guide to help with your planning for the trip.  If you have alternative plans that get you to the right place at the right time, please use them instead.  There is a total of seven different tour options that you may select. 

Landing and departing from London or Paris

Baggage check in requirements for all those traveling to Jersey

Open Jaws ticketing option

The Chunnel

For all tour participants

If you are traveling to additional locations in Europe or elsewhere, please note that we can account only for travel plans relating directly to the PDA tours described here. Any other travel arrangements you may make will be on your own, at your own cost, and your responsibility.