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Combining the Jersey and Normandy/Paris Tours
Subject to change

  1. The Jersey tour begins in London’s Gatwick Airport (LGW) on Monday, June 12, 2017

  2. Schedule your flights from your U.S. point of origin to fly into London Gatwick (LGW) or London Heathrow (LHR).
    • Please contact us before you purchase your airline tickets so we can review the itinerary with you. 
    • The flight to Jersey is scheduled to depart from LGW at 3:50pm so LGW is your preferred airport.
    • If you can’t find a flight that lands at LGW, then use LHR
      • There are generally more flights from the U.S. that land at LHR rather the LGW
      • Frequent and direct airport shuttle buses are available between LHR and LGW
      • One way bus fares are approximately £20 per person, travel time is 45-90 minutes depending on traffic.
    • It is recommended that you do not fly from the U.S. into any other UK airport because you will have to go through customs at the airport where you first land.  Clearing customs and then catching a flight to LGW will most likely not allow enough time for you to make your flight to Jersey in the afternoon.
  3. After you register for the Jersey tour, Jamie and Michele will contact you with the information you will need for your flight from Gatwick to Jersey.
    • The flight to Jersey is included in the price of your Jersey tour.
    • Everyone going on the tour to Jersey should be on this flight.  The flight takes about one hour.
    • Jamie and Michele will meet the group at Jersey Airport.
    • An airport shuttle bus will take the entire group from Jersey Airport to the tour’s hotel.
    • Ground transportation to the tour hotel is included in your Jersey tour price.
  4. On Monday, June 19, the last day of the Jersey tour
    • Rosie, Jamie and Michele will be traveling with you when the hotel shuttle arrives in the morning to take the group going on to Normandy to the Harbour in St. Helier.
    • The ferry to St. Malo is scheduled to leave Jersey in the morning and takes about 90 minutes to cross.
    • The hotel shuttle in Jersey, the ferry cost, and the taxi to the hotel in St. Malo are all included in the cost of your Jersey tour.
  5. On Monday, June 26, the last day of the Normandy/Paris tour
    • In the morning, the airport shuttle will arrive at the tour hotel in Paris to take the group to Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG).
  6. Schedule your flight home to depart from Paris Charles de Gaulle (CDG) in the afternoon.


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