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Family History and Research

Pendexter variant spelling in America

Pendexter appears to be a variant spelling from the Poingdestre family of the Isle of Jersey. Families with this spelling seem to have first settled in New England and are a separate Poingdestre branch from the George Poindexter that settled in Virginia in the 1650's (which is the primary focus of the Poindexter Descendants Association and this web site. Pendexter researchers may contribute to this page by contact the webmaster.

Other web sources for researching Pendexter:

Pendexter research contributed bt researchers of this surname or collected by the PDA:

Patti Pendexter:(February 5, 1999)

I was told by an older English gentleman that the name was a derivative of a name from the Channel Islands but was changed to Pendexter when they immigrated to Maine.

Donna Howes (date unknown) from posting at SurnameWeb:

I believe the original name was "Poingdestre", a French name originating from the English Channel Islands. It is not verified, but my father, a Pendexter, was told by ancestors that two brothers sailed from the Channel Islands and landed in Virginia by the name of Poingdestre, one moved west, changing his last name to Poindexter, the other one moved to the north east, changing his name to Pendexter. If anyone has verifiable information to this effect, please post it.

Dana Edgecomb: (deceased) (Maine, November 16, 1999 to the Channel Islands list) (Email updated 2009 Novenmber)

Perhaps Pendestre researchers would check to see if they have anyone who could be my ancestor, Henry Pendexter (as he was known in the U.S.). I don't know when he arrived in the United States. Saco Valley Settlements, p. 1111 gives the following "The Poindestres were Huguenots, which probably accounts for their settlement in the Isle of Jersey...".

(Note from webmaster, we know that George's, the PDA's Poindexter immigrant, mother was the daughter of a Huguenot preacher, Rev. Nicolas Effard [. The Poindestres had been a major fief family in Jersey long before there were Huguenots. George appears to have been Church of England as he was a vestryman at Bruton Church in what we today call Williamsburg, VA.)

Isaac Pendexter, born 1664 at St. Hiliers, Isle of Jersey, is listed as a mariner age 34 in 1698 on a Jersey ship in Newcastle, New Hampshire, U.S. No connection to any descendants is given in that record (GDMNH, p. 537). Isaac may have been related to my Henry.

Henry was living in Biddeford, Maine, U.S. when he married Deborah Littlefield. In 1728 he paid four pounds for land in the township, and on May 27, 1730, he paid cash for his privilege. He probably came from Portsmouth or Newington, New Hampshire. He had a large family, and several sons were married in Biddeford. Henry was of the same family as the Pendexters in Bartlett, New Hampshire, USA. The Bartlett family originated from John and Martha (Jackson) Pendexter, who moved from Portsmouth to Bartlett in the winter of 1775/6. Edward was the ancestor of the Bartlett Pendexters, so may have been Henry's brother.

Henry's last child was born in 1750. His will was dated March 6, 1764 (Maine Probate Abstracts, 1:573.

Dana's web site: (link updated 2009 November)

Alex Glendenning, a Channel Islands researcher, in response to Dana:

Isaac Poingdestre bap. (St H) 30.8.1663, g/p pére & Thomas de Ste Croix & Susanne s.f., married Anne Beresford fille Robert Beresford & Rachel Gresley (St H) 12.9.1688 and had six children between 1689-98.

The whole family then disappear from Jersey's records so they may have settled in the U.S.

Isaac was the 2nd son and last of 5 children of Isaac Poingdestre and Catherine Fallu, m. (St H) 25.11.1646. His father Isaac Poingdestre, bap. (St H) 30.10.1625 g/p péré & Jean Langlois, bur. (St H) 5.8.1669, was the 2nd of 6 children of Michel Poingdestre and Marie Langlois, m. (G) 21.11.1621

Michel Poingdestre was the younger of 2 brothers, bap. (St H) 12.2.1597/8 g/p pére & Jean Fyott, bur. (St H) 29.1.1640/1

His father was also Michel Poingdestre whose origin is unfortunately unknown at present. bur. (St H) 8.4.1620

Michel the elder married twice: (1) Marie (?) bur. (St H) 26.6.1598 who bore him Pierre (1596-7) and Michel before she died and (2) Marguerite Le Brun m. (St H) 28.2.1600/1 who bore him no children.

Unfortunately all the Henry Poingdestres in my files died in Jersey. The name was uncommon (two only in late 1600s early 1700s). He may be on the trees prepared by the Poindexter Descendants Association of the American descent of George Poingdestre fils Thomas bap. (St Saviour) 23.12.1627 who emigrated to Virginia in 1657.

Alex's web site:

Marcus Poyndestre: (August 2000, Charleston, S.C.)

Does anyone have any info on John Fowler Pendexter at Yale University class of 58?

Ann Storer (August, 2000) posted to Rootsweb-List for Pendexter:

Looking for the parents of Mary E. Pendexter, born 1833, died 1906, married Eban Storer-Jan 1851. They lived in the Wells ,Maine area.

John Van Essen: (November 2009)

I'm descended from the Portsmouth to Bartlett, NH, Pendexter family. There are few trees speculating on Edward Pendexter's parents being Isaac Poingdestre and Anne Beresford, Jersey, Channel Islands, but no actual sources are given (which I would like to see, like the names and baptismal dates of Issac's children mentioned by Alex Glendenning).

Dana Edgecomb update (see his links above) (November 2009, Maine, USA):

Priscilla Hammond copied the Portsmouth Church records, and many other church records in New Hampshire. Those can be rented on film at a Family History Center. Maine Historical Society has some of them, but not all of her work.



Gloria Atwater, one of our PDA researchers, submitted the following two reports (June 1999):

Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, page 537
PENDEXTER, POINDEXTER, a Channel Island family.
Edward, coaster, Portsmouth, depos. in 1766 that he had been there ±62 yrs. Provis. gr. in Scarb. 1720. List 339. In 1748 trustee for widow Hannah Toogood. His will, 7 Apr.22 Aug. 1768. His w. Elizabeth (LARABEE 6) was rec. into cov. and bp. No. Ch. 27 May 1715; d. 20 Aug. 1771, ag. 81. See also Hull(9). Ch: 1) Elizabeth, bp. 27 May 1715, d. unm. 2) Margaret, bp. with Elizabeth, m. 13 Nov. 1729 Geo. Seward. Mary, bp. 25 Sept. 1715, m. 3 Nov. 1738 Richard Tibbetts. 3) Philip, bp. 7 Feb. 1719-20, bur. from St. John's Ch. 18 Apr. 1799. 4 or more ch. 4) John, shipwright, bp. 7 Feb. 1719-20, m. 7 May 1738 Alice Miller(12); liv. 1765, d. bef. fa. 6 or more ch. 5) Edward, Portsm., mar. and had 3 or more ch.

Henry, Biddeford, m. 20 Dec. 1727 Deborah Littlefield of Bid. 9 ch. rec. there.

Isaac, Newcastle 1698, ±34; from St. Hilary in Jersey and mariner on a Jersey ship.

Compare Edward Pendexter who married Elizabeth Larabee, above, to Elizabeth Larabee, daughter of Thomas, below, which I posted some time ago;Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire, page 416: LARABEE, Leatherby

page 417, Thomas (4) (LARABEE), soldier in Philip's War. (Arch. 100.300). He m. in Scarboro... He and a son were shot by Ind. while working in his field 19 Apr. 1723. He m. Elizabeth ROWE (Anthony), and settled on the upper end of her fa.'s homestead. (Note; GEDfile says m. 1683)
Children: ... Elizabeth LARABEE, b. 1690, m. Edward PENDEXTER of Portsm.,
(Note; GEDfile says m. @ 1711) d. 20 Aug. 1771, ag. 81.



...George Farnum DOW (the soldier) was the son of Josiah Farnum DOW (1810-1847) and Sarah Jewett BARKER (1820-1891). George's first wife was Harriet LIBBY (1848-1870) - one daughter Margaret H. (1870-1918); his second wife was Mary Emma BLANCHARD (1852-1909) - one son George E. (1875-1958). Burial in Green Grove Cemetery (BLANCHARD/DOW/DREW allied family lot), Ashland, Grafton county, New Hampshire.

George F.'s father, Josiah F. died 10 May 1847, at Concord, Merrimack county, New Hampshire, when G.F. was four months old. His mother Sarah J. married secondly Dr. Reuben Morrill POINDEXTER (1818-????) on 6 January 1855, at Cornish, York county, Maine. The family relocated to Mitchell county, Iowa in 1856.


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Updated February 19, 2022

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