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Family History and Research

Early Poindexters in America Research Committee

1650 - 1750

EPARC was charged with gathering facts with sources and information concerning our Immigrant and the first generations to follow in America. One would think that these generations have all been well documented in publications, such as Landers, which many refer to as the "Bible" of Poindexter family history.

Dr. Edward H Poindexter (PDA Member #092) chaired the EPARC committee and led the research and wrote reports, available below. Upon retirement of EPARC about 2003, maintenance of EPARC reports and further research was folded into the PDA's Family History Research Committee (chaired by Jamie D Poindexter (PDA Member 336).

Landers did not provide references to documentation in his book that prove the lineage he published in his book, leaving questions as to how he came to his conclusions.

  1. He states that Thomas 3 (third generation in America) is the son of George 2 and his wife (Landers leaves her name blank), but gives no sources for this conclusion. There may be evidence that he is actually Thomas 2, son of George 1 and Susannah Nicolle1. Another theory raised by Ed is that Thomas might actually be a nephew of George 1. This Thomas is the progenitor of a large percentage of today's American Poindexter family, and many use the Landers book as their source for their own lineages. So its important that the PDA finds the paper source (legal, church or family bible, etc.) that gives Thomas' connection to his parents.
  2. Genetic genealogy, using DNA testing, has determined that the American Poindexter family tree on pages 104 and 105 has errors. Several males that descend from those on page 105 are not actually descended from the immigrant George. Their Y chromosome indicates they match with males using the surname Brechin or similar spellings. They are probably descended from Rev. James Brechin, second husband of Sarah CRAFFORD whose first husband was Thomas Poindexter, son of the immigrant George. So somewhere in th range of about 1705 to 1750, a Brechin adopted the surname Poindexter.
  3. Another focus of searching for documents is the marriage of George 1 to his wife Susannah Nicolle and the birth of their children, George 2, John 2 and Elizabeth 2 (and maybe Thomas 3). Research in Jersey and parts of England have not surfaced these records to date. And searches of Normandy and Brittany have been limited. Nicolle is a prominent Jersey surname, even today.

Also see:

  1. "The Search for Proof, the Search for John Landers Sources" (members password required)
    A compilation of information we have recently collected in an attempt to find Landers' research notes. This was also published in the PDA Newsletter in October 2004. Any resulting input is also on this page.
  2. Certification of Lineage Model (PowerPoint)
    In 2002, EPARC chair Ed Poindexter commissioned a panel to review 17 years of EPARC reports to determine if sufficient evidence has been collected to answer the two EPARC questions. The panel struggled with the number of the reports and lack of the documents the reports referred to.
    • As a result, the panel could not determined we do not have definitive original documentation (civil, church, legal) or sources to prove the Landers tree is in error in Thomas’ placement as grandson to the Immigrant George (1) at this time.
    • Until such documentation is discovered and reviewed by EPARC, the Certification Panel proposes that the official PDA lineage recognizes Thomas as the son of George 2 and grandson of the adult immigrant, George (1) and Susannah Nicolle.

How can you help?

Everyone's help in this work is needed and much appreciated by the EPARC and the PDA. First, read the collection of EPARC reports provided below to become familiar with what has been done. Typical areas where we need help are (but not limited to):

  • Provide any references you have found while doing your own genealogy. If you have found documentation that may be helpful, contact the EPARC chairperson (see below).
  • If you can visit Virginia places of search interest, contact the EPARC for what places need to be searched.
  • Planning a research trip to Jersey, France or England? Again, contact EPARC.
EPARC Reports:
Reports are in the PDF format. If you are unable to view them, you may need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader. A free version and a pay version is available at
Ed H. Poindexter led the EPARC from 1985 to 2002. EPARC is not currently an active committee but Ed still contributes supplements and the Research Committee is still interested in any original source documents you find.

Contact the EPARC Chairperson:
If you have clues, or know of legal, civil or church records, Bible entries, etc., that document the marriages, deaths, births, probates, etc.,or other clues to the linage of the first few generations of Poindexter's in America that might help solve the Thomas puzzle (see above) or the marriage of George l to Susannah, please contact the EPARC chairperson.

Do NOT contact EPARC for questions about researching your Poindexter linage. Instead, contact one of our researchers that work with all generations.

Acting Chair of EPARC:


Jamie Diana Poindexter
Wisconsin, USA

Another area of focus is Gloucestershire and other areas of England and in France, where we hope to find records of our Immigrants' marriage and the birth of their children.

Other web sites:
Also review our links to other web sites when researching. There is an ever growing wealth of information on the Web.


To add content to the PDA Web Site's Family History and Research section, contact the webmaster.

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Updated March 31, 2022

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