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Family History and Research

Family Stories

The oral tradition has brought stories of family bravery during days of old, stories of struggle while taming new lands and sometimes gives us clues to follow while researching our roots. Sometimes these stories can be very accurate, sometimes they are far from the truth.

Some of the stories presented here were written by people so that we might better know them ot the people they write about. Some of these links will take you away from the PDA web site, so if you see a page without our banner at top, you are now on some else's site. As you read, keep in mind that some of these are first hand accounts, others are based on research which may or may not be provided. If sources are not given, it is up to the reader to find the sources for your own linage research.


Book Review: "Jersey 1204-The Forging of an Island Community"

Charlemagne, are we descended from Charles the Great of France? Some think so.

Monte Poindexter and Poindexter Peak in the Antarctic

"My Life", an autobiography of Glenora Poindexter who grew up in Trotter Township, Carroll County, Missouri. Provided by Bill Meehan, her son.

Frank Tull Manuscript, a 1940 document of Campbell/Sproul family roots of Poindexters in Carroll County, MO.

Jean Poingdestre, secretary to Charles I, great uncle to our immigrant.

Able Bodied Seaman Poindexter, survivor of the Titanic.

Governor George Littleton Poindexter 1779-1853, of Mississippi.

Elizabeth Pledge Poindexter, "A Southern Patriot of the American Revolution"



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Updated February 19, 2022

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