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Family History and Research

Family Photo Album

These pictures were taken by a professional photographer at the 1999 Reunion in Raliegh, NC. Shown here are not actual size or quality, these are here to help you in ordering your own copies from the photographer (see below for ordering information) or to identify those in the photos you already purchased. Note that the webmaster has not been able to identify everyone, so if you recognize anyone who is not named, please let me know. Refer to the red description of the person, including the C, J or T followed by a number so I know exactly which person you are naming. Me email address is


photo of all attendees
All Reunion Attendees

Sitting on Floor, L to R: Doris Gilbert, ?C1, ?C2, ?C3, Bonnie Nettles, Michele Jacques. Front Row Sitting: Bill Meehan, Annie and Bob P., Wendall Lewis, Jack and Sally P., Jamie P., Emma P.. Standing Front: Jeanette Tolley, Ellen Meehan, ?C4 (in black dress), Joyce Esty (in black dress), Sheila Lewis, Doris Lucas, Robyn Davies, ?C5, Kay and Bill Poindexter, ?C6 (in white blouse), ?C7 (in white dress). Middle Row: Dan Story, C8 (lady with beigh dress), ?C9 man with light jacket., ?C10 with flower print dress, Elsie Poindexter with husband Joseph Cyril behind), ?C11, ?C12, ?C13, Howard P., Bill P., ?C14 lady in blue, ?C15 man, ?C16 lady in blue with red flowers. Back Row: Bob Jones, Ronald P., Ed and Shirley Hightower, Cyril P., ?C17 man in black, ?C18 man, ?C19 man, ?C20 man, Ernie Knapp, Donald T. P., ?C21 man, ?C22 lady.

Captain Joeph Descendants


Captain Thomas descendants

Captain Joseph Descendants Captain Thomas' Descendants

Front Row (sitting) Left to Right: John W. (Bill) Meehan, Annie and Bob P., Wendell Lewis, Jack and Sally P., Jamie P. Standing: Ellen Meehan, Joyce Esty, Elsie and Joseph Cytil (J.C.) P., Sheila Lewis, ?J1 lady, ?J2 lady in pink, ?J3 man in back, Howard P., Emma P., ?J4 man behind Howard's Mom, Michele Jacques.

Left to Right: ?T1, Doris Gilbert, ?T2, Bill Jones, Ron Poindexter, Ernest Knapp, ?T3, Doris Lucus, Robyn Daviet

Ordering Information (please call for pricing info):

Gary Allen Photography
2204 Jarman Drive
Raliegh, NC 27604


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Updated July 3, 2017

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