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Corps of Discovery Descendant Certificate

 In 2003, the 200th anniversary of the Louisianna Purchase, the Clatsop County (Astoria Oregon) Genealogical Society honored the permanent members of the Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery that completed the trip to the Pacific Ocean.

The Clatsop County Genealogical Society, Astoria, Oregon, offered a Corps of Discovery Descendant Certificate to any person that can document they are a descendant to any permanent member of the 1804 - 1806 expedition.

The project included the collateral descendants of any member of The Corps of Discovery. Some Poindexter's fit this category. You could have qualified to receive a certificate stating you are collaterally descended from a member of the Corps of Discovery if you descended from either:

  1. William Poindexter and Judith Thompson
  2. James Poindexter and Mary Thompson

James and William are brothers and Mary and Judith are sisters.

Merriwether Lewis' Aunt leads to Judith Thomson, who married William, and to Judith's sister Mary who married William's brother James. Both men are sons of Revolutionary War Captain, Joseph Poindexter of Bedford and Campbell counties in Virginia.

The certificate is no longer available as it was limited to the 200th anniversary. However, you can visit the Society's web page.


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Updated February 19, 2022

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