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Family History and Research

"Caesarea or a Discourse of the Island of Jersey"

by Jean Poingdestre 1609 - 1691


Written by Jean Poingdestre in the latter half of the 17th Century, after the Restoration of Charles ll to the thrown. The original is in the Library at the Soceite Jersey in St. Helier, Jersey. It is written in old English. Caesarea was reprinted by the Societe in 1889, from which a photocopy was made to be scanned for presentation here.

The Chapters are in PDF format, so you will need a current version Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to read the files belows, download the free reader plugin for your Web browser from

Table Generale (Table of Contents) as copied from the Societe publication, is transcribed here as written. Chapters not yet scanned are, of course, not linked. As time permits the scanning of the copies, they will be added here (latest scans February 2001).

  • Part 1:
    • Chapter i - The Description of Jersey, the nature of ye Soile, number of Inhabitants, theire occupations, hauens, Townes, fortifications & other principall things therein contained.
    • Chapter ii - Monuments of Antiquity to be seene in Jersey (webmaster note: keep in mind Jean is talking about what 17th Century Jerseyians consider old).
    • Chapter iii - The Situation of the Island, of Springs, Fish, Game, &c.
    • Chapter iv - Of Vraic. The seasons of gathering it, & ye seuerall uses of it.
    • Chapter v - Of fences, digging the gound for beanes & pastneps; the particular vse of ye roote.
    • Chapter vi - Of Orchards and Cydar presses and the manner of ordering Cydar.
    • Chapter vij - Of Buildings both priuate and publick, &c.
    • Chapter viij - Of the Priuiledges belonging to ye Islands. First of Ciuill Jurisdiction.
    • Chapter ix - Of the Priviledges belonging to ye Islands.
    • Chapter x - Continuation of Priuiledges
    • Chapter xi - Of the Priuiledge of Neutrality
    • Chapter xii - Continuacon of Priuiledges
    • Chapter xiii - Of the Gouernour
    • Chapter xiiij - Of the Kings Reuenue in Jersey
    • Chapter xv - Of things Detrimentall
  • Part 2 historical fragments & observations of State & Religion before the Conquest
    • Chapter i
    • Chapter ii - Of Guernezey, Serc. Arme or Erm, &c.
    • Chapter iii - Of Sampson, Archbishop of Dol, & of the Entailing of 4 islands to his Sea, &c.
    • Chapter iiij - The Conuersion of Jersey & Serc from heathenisme to ye Christian Religion by Maglorus, Bp. of Dol.

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Updated February 19, 2022

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