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Family History and Research

Research on the Isle of Jersey


Image, lion crest

The Poingdestre family has a traceable recorded history on Jersey that dates back as early as 1250 A.D. The name appears in some older records, such as pipe roll records of Normandy in the 1100's, but we are unable to trace lineage connections to Poingdestres living before 1363. As researchers contribute information, it will be added here.

Please note that when we refer to Poingdestre, we are referencing someone on Jersey or somewhere else on Earth except an American descendant of George. We will use Poindexter for him and his descendants in America. At times, the spelling may be interchanged or spelled in some other manner when we are quoting a manuscript or other document. For example, on a plaque on the West end of the South wall of Bruton Parish Church, in Williamsburg, Virginia, our immigrant is listed as a Vestryman. His name is spelled Poyndexter on this plaque.

Traveling to the Isle of Jersey?

Information for planning your own trip to Jersey, with tour guide info and links to tourism web sites. Plus non-genealogcally related information about Jersey, photos, music, links to tourism and other web sites, etc. We advise you to check with the EPARC Chairperson to coordinate any research the PDA has need of there.

Beyond Payne's Armorial by Robert de Berardini 2010

Presented at Poindexter Family Reunion 2012 in Hot Springs, Arkansas by John B. Poindexter, who commissioned Mr. de Berardini's research. This work confirms the work done by the volunteers of the Channel Islands Family History Society in 1998 (charts available at the library at the Societe Jeriaise, Jersey). It also confirms the research done by John Poindexter Landers published in his book, Poingdestre-Poindexter A Norman Family in 1977. Mr. Barardini painstakingly reviewed records in Jersey, England and France and provides images of records he used to confirm the ancestral lineage of our immigrant George Poindexter. Research by Robert deBarardini, ©2010.

Poingdestre and Jersey in 1204 A.D. by Jamie Diana Poindexter 2005

A PowerPoint presentation presented by Jamie Poindexter at the 2005 PDA Reunion in Atlanta. Research contributed by Michele Jacques. Addresses early known records of the family name in Jersey and Normandy, as well as Henry ll's lands in and around France and England and the changes that took place when his younger son, King John lost Normandy in a battle with the French king, Phillip Augustus, followed by France's invasion of England and the treaty ending this struggle during the reign of Henry lll.

Also see Jersey 1204, a book that covers the events around 1204 A.D. that changes Jersey's place in the world forever. This is the year that King John looses the Dukedom of Normandie to France's Phillip Augustus. This book is a must-read for the Poindexter genealogist that wants to understand how family loyalties caused splits in land ownership between Jersey and Normandy. I read the book and now have a better understanding of that period in history.

Early Poindexters in America Research Committee

An important PDA committee is the Early Poindexters in America Research Committee (EPARC). This group is charged with gathering facts and information concerning our Immigrant and the first generations to follow in America. Some of the research includes records and manuscripts from Jersey, France and England.

From the 1998 PDA Reunion Tour of Jersey

Poingdestre History Presentation: Alex Glendenning and others of the Societe Jersiaise did a lot of research on the many Poingdestre family trees that have sprung from the original seigneur (main) family. Immigrant George was the third born son of one of the Seigneur generations. The presentation is available via RealPlayer. Thanks to Alex for the wonderful presentation and the hard work that went into preparing for it. And thanks to PDA member Richard Elliott for bringing his camcorder along on the tour to capture Alex's presentation. Download RealPlayer.

Tour Stops: Revisit the places we saw during the tour, including a photo of the Poingdestre ancestral home, now known as Swan Farm, a map depicting where the Poingdestre fief was, St. Saviour's Parish and much more.

Poingdestre Coat of Arms

Read about our family crest. The one used by the PDA is similar to the basic crest used in Jersey.

Channel Islands List

An email list devoted to genealogical research on the Channel Islands, including Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Aldernay.

Jean Poingdestre Lieutenant Bailiff of Jersey

George's Great Half-Uncle was Jean Poingdestre, A learned man, Latin Secretary to Charles l. He served as Lt. Bailiff for Jersey after the English Civil War and Charles ll was restored to the thrown. A painting of Jean is also here. Bibliography of some of his writings.

Caesarea - A Discourse of the Island of Jersey

Written by Jean Poingdestre in the latter half of the 17th Century, after the Restoration of Charles ll to the thrown. Interesting insight to life on the Isle of Jersey in the 17th Century and their views of the island's history.

Poingdestre Researchers Outside of America

Information for Poingdestres not descending from our American descendants. There are many descendants of the Poindestre's of the Isle of Jersey whose lines do not come through America. We hope this page will assist them in their research.

Jersey Web Sites

Learn more about Jersey from this collection of genealogy links.

Music of Jersey

"Beautiful Jersey" with recording, lyrics and sheet music, and link to more music, poems, etc.

Jersey Flag

The flag of Jersey (language: Jerriais or Norman French)
(you will leave the PDA web site with this link and are going to Geraint Jennings' web site)

The Three Leopards

The crest of Jersey
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Updated February 19, 2022

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