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Family History and Research

Early Poindexter Homes in America

These two photos were taken by members Bob and Annie Poindexter of Lynchburg, Virginia. The scanning process didn't turn out as expected on these, we will try again, soon.

Criss CrossThis first image is the family home on the Poindexter colonial plantation called Christ's Cross, or Criss Cross. It was built by our immigrant progenitor, George Poindexter and his wife Susannah. They came to Virginia in the 1650's from the Isle of Jersey, and built this home circa 1685.

It is located in St. Peter's Parish, midway between Williamsburg and New Richmond. From Interstate 64, exit north on VA 155. Turn left on the next county road, #604 (also known as Poindexter Street). Take the next turn left on #617, known as Criss Cross. The next driveway on the left is the plantation home. In the DeLorme Atlas and Gazeteer, it is shown at the bottom of page 59. Click on map for a zoomable map from Yahoo MapQuest.

map to Criss Cross NOTE: the house in NOT occupied by any Poindexter descendants, nor has it been since the 1800's, so please respect the privacy of the current residents and observe from the county road.

While in the area, be sure to visit St. Peter's Parish Church north of Criss Cross. And visit Colonial Williamsburg to learn more how the original colonists lived. At Bruton Parish Curch, look for the wall plaque listing the Church's vestrymen, including our George Poingdexter.


Locust GroveThis next photo is of the Revolutionary era plantation named Locust Grove, built by Captain Joseph Poindexter circa 1778 at Lynchburg, Virginia. Today, most of the plantation land has fallen to urban sprawl, but the home is well taken care of by a distant cousin and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Kitchens. In 1995, the PDA reunion was hosted by Bob and Annie Poindexter in Lynchburg. They arranged for us to tour several Poindexter plantation homes in the area as well as cemeteries where many Poindexters of the Captain Joseph branch have ancestors buried, including the Captain himself!

During colonial and revolutionary periods, Virginians followed the British rule of succession, where the oldest son inherited the fathers land. That meant that other than first-born found themselves in need of land. The only land available was usually some miles to the west or up-river from their father's lands. Thus each generation generally settled the next county out. That's probably how Captain Joseph settled in Bedford County outside Lynchburg, by following the James River upstream to settle new lands.

Many Poindexter branches made bigger jumps west after the Louisianna Purchase. This is true for some of the Captain Joseph's sons, who later followed their great uncle, Merriwether Lewis, who had surveyed the Louisianna Purchase.

Swan Farm on JerseyThis one is not in America, but because of its importance to us here, we included it here. Swan Farm, the medieval manorial home of the Poingdestre family on the Isle of Jersey. Built c.1490 on land owned by the Poingdestre family since the 13th Century. George probably grew up here, and as he was second born, his older brother Philippe inherited the title of the Seigneur of Fief s Poingdestre from their father Thomas. The home is today owned by a Jersey lawyer, Jeremy Johnson. It was not called Swan Farm in the 1600s. That name came later when a Mr. Swan owned it.

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Updated February 19, 2022

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