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Family History and Research

Photo Album

Share old family photos with others. If you have old pictures of ancestors that might be useful for others researching the same or related branches of Poindexter lines, scan them. Save as one of the following Photoshop compatible formats: PSD or BMP is preferred, but can also take JPG, TIFF or PNG. The webmaster might touch up the scan some for better presentation on the web.

Deliver the scans by email of on a 100MB formatted zip disk to the webmaster. Be sure to include name(s) and any other biographical information you can. If you do not have a scanner, try your local fast copy shop, such as Kinkos. Please, do NOT send original photos or photos to be scanned. You must provide them in an electronic format as listed above. Please allow at least four weeks for photos to be posted on the web (our webmaster is a volunteer member).

Family Albums listed alphabetically by contributors:

  • Rosalie Wertz shared some of her family photos, including her great grandparents of Montgomery County, Missouri.
  • Steve Crouch lll shares pictures that span four generations of his family, including James Knox Polk Poindexter, Sarah Elizabeth Robinson, Stephen D. Crouch Sr, Fannie Esther Poindexter, Stephen D. Crouch Jr. and Steve lll himself with a sweet treat.
  • Jane Goforth has photos of serveral of her family members, including Archibald Thomas Poindexter, George Littleton Poindexter (first Governor of Mississippi) and Mary Elizabeth Poindexter on her personal web site (you will leave the PDA web site with this link).
  • Kay Haden shares a picture of five generations with Rebekah Poindexter Jones Brown, Kenney Marcus Comstock, Graydon Earl Comstock, James Monroe Comstock and Miranda Jane Brown Comstock, taken in Crawford County, Arkansas 1909.
  • Bill Poindexter shares a picture of his mother as a young girl.
  • Jamie Poindexter shares pictures of John Lewis and his wife Sarah Sproul and of their sons, of Carrollton, MO.
  • Dana Richardson shares a picture of her Great Grandfather, Dr. Thomas Emmett Patterson Poindexter and one of his brother's family (the Dr. Joseph Shelton Poindexter, Jr. family).
  • Dan and Connie Ritterskamp provided these pictures of Christian Poindexter and his wife Lourinda Keck.

Miscellaneous Photos available on this web site:


To add content to the PDA Web Site's Family History and Research section, contact the webmaster.

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Updated February 19, 2022

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