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Family History and Research

Welcome to all interested in our family's history and our continuing research. There is a lot of history to be told and a lot to be researched, even in a family tree as well documented as the Poingdestre /Poindexter family. If you have stories to tell, research to share or want to help out, please contact one of the folks on our contacts list.

Improve your genealogical research skills: Family historians and genealogists spend a lot of time researching and developing their family trees. But how do you get started and learn more about how to research and document your findings?

Research Contacts at the PDA: who to contact to ask research questions, who to send your data to, share your questions or comments online.

GEDCOM Database: information from the PDA genealogical database, mostly America, but we are adding Jersey persons to the database, as well. Membership password required.

DNA Project: participate in our DNA Family Tree project.

Poindexter Archive at the Virginia Historical Society.

Poindexter Research:

  • EPARC (Early Poindexters-in-America Research Committee): mission is to document the linage of the first few generations of the family in America (circa 1650-1750). Your help is needed!
  • America: beginning with immigrant George-1 in the mid-1600's. Includes reports from our Early Poindexters in America Research Committee, obituaries, cemeteries and much more.
  • Isle of Jersey: the medieval birthplace of the Poingdestre family. Learn about the family's feudal history, the family crest, fief, Jersey flag, Uncle Jean Poindestre and his manuscripts of the 1600's, and more.
  • Europe (France, UK)

Poingdestre and Jersey in 1204 A.D.

A PowerPoint presentation presented by Jamie Poindexter at the 2005 PDA Reunion in Atlanta. Research contributed by Michele Jacques. Addresses early known records of the family name in Jersey and Normandy, as well as the loss of Normandy by King John in 1204 and its impact on Jersey and the family.

Links to related web sites: to other Poindexter web sites and to other genealogical and family research sites. These have a lot of additional information.

Publications: a list of books and other publications made known to us that are about our family.

Email Lists and Message Boards researching "Poindexter"

Family Stories: a collection of oral and written stories about Poindexter's.

Photo Album: old photos of family ancestors, some current family and some ancestral homes and churches.

Poindexter Surname and our Coat of Arms

Read about our family crest. The one used by the PDA is similar to the basic crest used in Jersey. Where did the name come from, what does it mean?

Occupations: common in Europe and early America and their meanings.

Poindexters Descended from Merriwether and Lewis families:

In 2003, the Fort Clatsop Historical Society offered certificates of collateral descendancy from Meriwether Lewis, the great explorer, for Poindexters decsended from William and James Poindexter.

The Titanic: able bodied seaman Jean Poingdestre survived the sinking.

Biography Sketches by Howard Poindexter (you will leave the PDA web site with this link)

Royal Linages, the early Dukes of Normandy and Charlemagne to the Poindestres of Jersey. Also, information about William the Conqueror, Doomsday Book and the Bayeaux Tapestry.


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Updated February 19, 2022

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