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Poindexter Descendants Association Poindexter Descendants Association Screen readers, skip to the Table of Contents

Poindexter Repository Archive

at the Virginia Historical Society


The Poindexter Descendants Association hosts a repository for documents related to the family at the Virginia Historical Society in Richmond, Virginia.  The archived materials are cared for by the Society and are available to review when visiting their building. 

How do I view the contents of the repository?

The VHS is located at 428 North Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220.  Visit their web site for directions and hours. When there, ask to view the "Poindexter Descendants Association" repository.

What can you put into the repository?

You can deposit letters, birth, marriage and death certificates, and other original documents of your ancestors, your own research notes, and other records of genealogical interest. You can deposit originals or copies. Copies may be on paper or electronically saved on CD, preferably as a commonly used format, such as MS Word, Adobe Acrobat or a GEDCOM. Bibles are not accepted, but photocopies or scans of the cover, title page and any hand written family record of births, deaths, etc., can be deposited.

What is not accepted in the repository?

The Repository is not a museum so please do not send articles of clothing, framed art, jewelry, etc. This repository is for the safe keeping of records, newsletters, papers, and other items that aid in the research of or prove a Poindexter descendant's lineage. We suggest finding a local museum for loaning or contributing these pieces of history.

Bibles are not accepted, but copies of the title page and publication page along with family records pages with handwritten names, dates and event identified are accepted. (The VHS prefers to not use storage space for the whole bible because they have shelf copies of every bible already.)

How do I make a deposit to the repository?

You may deposit your research papers by contacting Jamie Poindexter at 608-850-9556 or email  Jamie is the only person recognized by the VHS as having authority to place items in the repository. All materials must be shipped to her for processing and inventory.

Who owns the materials I deposit?

Materials you submit are still your property (via the PDA). You can request the PDA to remove and return your property. Please, do not do this to simply check the material out and then return it. After all, Jamie is a volunteer PDA member doing this. You can not withdraw your material from the repository when visiting the VHS, requests to do so must come to the VHS from Jamie. These are the rules the VHS set for us when we created the repository. More details on this below.

What's in the archive?

We will also attempt to keep an inventory of of what's in the Poindexter Descendants Association Archive here. Check back in the future as we deposit materials.

Terms and Conditions:

PDA Guidelines for depositing materials:

  1. All materials must be sent to the VHS via Jamie, she is our authorized agent and single point of contact with the VHS. So you must contact Jamie for directions where to ship materials to her.
  2. Material can be original or copies. Copies can be on paper (preferably acid free) or on CD in commonly used files formats, such as Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF.
  3. Bibles are not accepted. The VHS has a vast collection of Bibles and do not need yours. However, copies of the family events pages, along with the title page and publication information page are acceptable. Again, these copies can be paper or electronic.
  4. Jamie will not scan documents for you, that would be overwhelming. Please take care of scanning before sending materials to Jamie.
  5. Suggest you keep a copy of your materials should they be lost in the mail and for your continued use.
  6. Materials you wish to deposit should be bound together in a folder with a flap and tie string with your name, address and phone number on the envelope.
  7. The VHS considers materials you deposit are owned by the PDA, and only the PDA's agent (Jamie) can request to remove them. The PDA considers you the owner of your materials, so will request their return from VHS upon your written notice to Jamie. That is why we ask you to bind or contain your material and put your name and contact information on the envelope or container. You may also want to add your next of kin on the envelope.

VHS Guidelines under which they receive deposits:

  1. The Virginia Historical Society will exercise the same precautions in respect to deposit collections that it does for the safekeeping of its own property.  Should any loss, damage, and/or deterioration be noted, the Society will notify the Depositor. The Society's liability for any loss or damage would be limited to the amount of its insurance received.
  2. The Society will not publish, exhibit, alter, repair or clean any article on loan without the Depositor's written permission.
  3. Objects which are received by the Society as deposits will be promptly returned upon either the presentation of this receipt, or upon a written order of the Depositor, his duly authorized agent, or his legal representative. The Society requests at least two full business days’ advance notice of the proposed removal of a deposit.  In case of the death of the Depositor, the 'legal representative of the deceased IS requested to notify the Director the Society forthwith, giving full name and address in writing.
  4. Should the Society ever request removal of the articles, written notice will be provided the Depositor at the address provided or the most current address of which the Depositor has given the Society written notice. The Depositor should remove items within six (6) months of the mailing of such notice; after that period, the articles may be regarded as an unrestricted gift to the Society.
  5. Attributions, dates, and other information shown on the face of this receipt are as given by the Depositor. Any valuation or prices shown are those stated by the Depositor and are not to be considered as appraisals by the Society.
  6. If the Depositor has knowledge or special conditions governing the objects listed, such as copyright, lien, customs bonds, etc., he must inform the Society thereof. The Society is not subject to any consequences of violation of special conditions unless such conditions have been given it in writing by the Depositor.
  7. In the event that the Depositor or his duly authorized agent desires in the future to make a gift of any part of the deposit described on the face of this receipt, a new contract will be drawn.
  8. In signing this agreement, the Depositor certifies that he or she is the legal owner or the authorized agent of the legal owner of the articles.
  9. The aforesaid conditions shall apply to all objects sent to the Society on deposit and cannot be altered, changed, waived, or otherwise affected except by written consent of the Depositor and the Society.

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Updated February 19, 2022

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